Samsung Preparing to Ship 100 Million Tablets in 2014

Samsung is preparing its supply chain to expect component orders to support shipments of at least 100 million tablets next year.

The company is expected to ship around 40-42 million tablets this year, so the company has to be confident that it can more than double its sales in just a year.

However, the deep pocketed company could be just locking up the supply chain to ensure that it has components to react fast to market changes and could be acting to ensure that competitors struggle to find supplies.

South Korea’s ET News noted that many existing smartphone parts can be used in tablets, but touch screen panels (TSP), printed circuit boards (PCB) and backlight unit (BLU), whose demands increase in proportion to the area, may suffer from procurement problems.

Such components have a lengthy lead time and swift turnarounds in production volumes is not easy, hence the need to start planning now.

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