Samsung New Smart Tracker Let You to Find Misplaced Stuff

Samsung New Smart Tracker Let You Find Misplaced Stuff

Samsung always help you to find a wide range of home appliances which uses cutting-edge technologies. The company introduced a new SmatThing Tracker that is powered by LTE-M instead of Bluetooth. This is the same idea to the Bluetooth tracker for your keys and wallets. Samsung New Smart Tracker Let You to Find Misplaced Stuff

The tracker will help you to find your lost stuff. The LTE-M technology let it to be used as real-time location tracker to find the location of misplaced items. You can also use this tracker to find the location of kids and pets. Although, smartphone is one way to monitor your kids location but in case if your phone is out of battery then you can use this tracker to find their location.

Samsung New Smart Tracker Let You to Find Misplaced Stuff

This new tracker is also compatible with other Samsung SmartThings devices like security cameras and lights. It can be used in combination with other SmartThing devices. For example, if you are using it with lights then tracker can be used as entrance sensor that will turn on the lights when device will be in range.

The SmartThing tracker have an option of sending SOS. You will find a power button on this tracker which send location of this device through the app after pressing it twice. It is a water resistance device and its battery can last up to a week.

Samsung SmartThing tracker is also use for geofencing that will let you know about the area when you get enter or goes out of the specific area.

It is a smaller and a cheaper device but not limited in range because of the use of LTE-M connection that basically use for IoT.

The device will be available on Samsung website from 14th September. As the device will be available in USA so you can get AT&T service with the cost of $99. This service will be available for the first year while you will have to pay for onwards.

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