Samsung Electronics Is Set To Release A 12 Inch Tablet PC

According to industry sources on August 15, Samsung Electronics is now engaged in development of a 12 inch tablet PC. At the moment, the largest tablet on offer from Samsung comes in at 11.6 inches, so the larger model is not physically much larger, but by breaking the psychological 12-inch barrier could attract attention from a new customer base.

The 12 inch tablet PC will likely to use Samsung Display’s LCD panel, while having a higher than full HD resolution. 

Although it is not known yet when it will be released, the industry expects the 12 inch tablet PC to be released within October 2013. 

According to a market research firm IDC, Samsung Electronics sold 8.1 million units of tablet PCs in the second quarter of this year, up 2.1 million units from a year ago, with its market share rising to 18.9 percent worldwide, a 2.5-fold jump year on year.

 Source: Korean Economic Daily

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