Samsung Announces New TV Commercial for Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the third Galaxy Tab S TV commercial, created to demonstrate the display power and unrivaled viewing experience of Samsung’s latest tablet. The new commercial, directed by world famous film and television director Jake Scott, brings his creative eye to the Galaxy Tab S campaign to showcase how the device has redefined the tablet viewing experience for consumers.

 The third installment in Samsung’s new tablet commercial series puts the Galaxy Tab S’s industry-leading display to the test, showing side-by-side comparisons of a wide range of images on the device’s Super AMOLED screen next to traditional LCD screens. These bring the extraordinary Super AMOLED technology to life, resulting in more immersive and breathtaking visual experience.

“There is no other tablet on the market that can compete with the unrivaled viewing experience, innovative design aesthetics, and industry-leading productivity features of the Galaxy Tab S”

Said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

“Under Jake Scott’s visionary direction, the new TV commercial brings to life the heralded viewing experience of the Galaxy Tab S with a unique comparative narrative that turns up the color with visuals that jump off the screen. After using the Galaxy Tab S, I knew that the only way to properly demonstrate its amazing screen technology was to tell a comparative story about the tablet that clearly showcases its clear superiority in color range and contrast.”

Said Jake Scott.

“My goal with this commercial was to demonstrate the incredible ability of the Galaxy Tab S to bring content to life through its rich, bright and colorful display.”

This new commercial illustrates how the Galaxy Tab S is “turning up the color” for consumers through its Super AMOLED display and provides a side-by-side comparison with standard LCD under varying circumstances, demonstrating the Super AMOLED’s richer, brighter, more immersive viewing experience.

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