Salam GSM-3G Services and Fiber Optic Inaugurate in Parwan and Kundoz Provinces

Deputy (Technical) Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Eng. Barialay Hassam leading a high delegation visited Parwan and Kundoz provinces on Wednesday 26 and Saturday first March 2014. The purpose of this trip was inauguration of Optic Fiber and Salaam GSM-3G.

Eng. Hassam and his companion delegation attended the ceremonies held by the authorities on this occasion in both provinces.

Eng. Barialay Hassaam thanking the sincere welcoming of the people and officials highlighted the benefit of Afghan Telecom Salaam GSM 3G. He said:

 By this step MCIT aims creating proper ground for competition in the market and to encourage the public and private internet and Telecom providers to reduce the prices and provide high quality services in Afghanistan.”

He stressed that MCIT struggles to seek every possible way to decrease the rate and increase the quality of service all around the country. He said one of the challenges is high rate of the services in the market, so we entered the government owned Salaam GSM 3G in this field.

Afghan Telecom Corporation has invested 65 million dollars of its own revenue and launched internet services in 14 provinces so far. It is mentionable that Governor of Parwan Mr. Abdul Baseer Slangi and governor of Kundoz province Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani and head of provincial council Abdul Qadeer Husainkhail offered their speeches and lauded the achievement of MCIT; also they cordially thanked minister of MCIT H. E. Amirzai Sangin for his attention to the provinces.

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