Russia may Help Uzbekistan to Develop Internet Services

Russia may Help Uzbekistan to Develop Internet Services

Recently by reported that the Russia Rostelecom may help Uzbekistan to expand its access to the internet through the network of the Russian national telecommunications operator. Russia may Help Uzbekistan to Develop Internet Services.

Although the parties also discussed co-operation at a meeting of representatives of JSC Uzbektelecom with the delegation of PJSC Rostelecom in Tashkent.

Russia may Help Uzbekistan to Develop Internet Services

According to the Uzbek Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, the total number of internet users in Uzbekistan in 2017 increased reaching 20 million people. Meanwhile the speed of internet access increased to 104 megabits per second by January 2018.

The parties considered co-operation in providing the internet services, organizing international transit channels, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted functioning of organized communication channels. The sides also mulled directions for expanding cooperation in various areas of telecommunication services.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed that,

To increase the speed of connection to the internet by at least four times and significantly reduce the prices for using internet traffic.

Further that the Uzbekistan is now dependent upon the northern internet channel, passing through Kazakhstan and Russia. However it also access to the global network in the country remains one of the worst in the world. This concerns the price, traffic, time of loading pages and reliability of internet connections.

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