Rostelecom launches commercial 3G+ network in Primorsky Krai

Rostelecom launches commercial 3G+ network in Primorsky Krai.

Russia’s national telecommunications operator, announces that the Group has launched another commercial 3G+ network in Primorsky Krai, through the Group’s subsidiary, ZAO “AKOS”.

More than 140 new generation base stations have been installed, supplying more than 55% of the Primorsky Krai population with 3G networks, covering Vladivostok, Artyom, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka and Arsenyev. The Group plans to roll its 3G network out in Spassk-Dalny, Bolshoy Kamen, Partizansk, Lesozavodsk, Slavyanka Dalnegorsk, Fokino, Anuchino, Mikhaylovka, Chuguevka and other communities across the region.

Rostelecom’s 3G network has been installed using HSPA+ technology providing transmission speeds of up to 21 MB/s. The network is therefore 3G+, as the first 3G networks in Russia only supported transmission speeds of up to 3.6 MB/s. Within 2 days of the network’s launch in Primorsky Krai, internet traffic across Rostelecom’s networks in the region doubled. Prior to the network’s launch, new subscribers and existing customers were incentivized to utilize the Group’s new network through special rates and internet traffic packages.

Konstantin Voloshin, the General Director of ZAO “AKOS”, noted: “With the launch of our 3G+ network a new range of opportunities and data transfer speeds have become available to Rostelecom (ZAO “AKOS”) subscribers. These include the possibility of video-calling, watching videos online, using GPS and maps, downloading files and quick internet browsing.”

Rostelecom is constructing 3G mobile networks in 27 Russian regions. In total, the company is planning to establish 8,000 base stations. Ericsson and Huawei are providing technical equipment and solutions for the project. In 2012, Rostelecom launched a 3G network in Irkutsk Oblast (ZAO Baikalwestcom).

Rostelecom and its subsidiaries, NCC CJSC, BWC CJSC, ETK CJSC, Sky Link CJSC, Volgograd-GSM CJSC, AKOS CJSC and Wireless Information Technologies LLC, provide mobile services in 59 Russian regions to over 13.5 million subscribers.

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