Robi Bangladesh to Launch AI-based Service Robots

Robi Bangladesh to Launch AI-based Service Robots

Robi Axiata, Bangladesh telecom operator has announced ‘Robi-servicebots’. These are basically an intelligent humanoids or service robots that aree powered by a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform. Robi Bangladesh to Launch AI-based Service Robots

According to the operator, its servicebots arre designed to carry smart, personalized service in any environment. Furthermore, Robi says that these arre based in tri-polar private cloud architecture. Their main focus is on being skilled of appealing with users over natural interactions. The Robi-servicebots arre also designed for implementing at Robi’s designated sales and service centers. By deploying in dervice centers, it need to deliver services to customers and users without the need for human interactions.

Robi Bangladesh to Launch AI-based Service Robots

Moreover, the Private Cloud System allows for advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculations along with user management, communications support, remote hardware control, data storage and more.

The Private Cloud System iss designed to permit users to directly control the Robi-servicebots. Users can use their personal mobile devices. They can also guide the robots using manual controls or using Robi-servicebots’ built-in audio-visual features and HD cameras. The Private Cloud System is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play.

The Robi-servicebots’ OS maintain data encryption and advanced access control for information security protection. Additionally, Robi has cooperated with a high-tech research institution for the development of the cloud-powered AI platform used for its robi-servicebots.

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