RedDrop: A Mobile App for People who Need Blood

RedDrop: A Mobile App Blood Bank to Arrange Blood

Many people go from very crucial time asking for blood for their loved ones. From thousands of Phone calls to posting it on social media, it is a very difficult and agonizing task. Many people are lucky to arrange blood through these means and many are not able to get it. RedDrop: A Mobile App for People who Need Blood .

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Blood banks are a part of many hospitals and act individually too. But due to soo many people requiring blood it may not be helpful most of the times. One needs to run from one blood bank to another to get the required blood group. This physical and mental exertion brought three friends together to solve blood shortage problem in Pakistan.

RedDrop: A Mobile App for People who Need Blood

RedDrop is a mobile phone application conceptualized and developed by Rawalpindi-based Atif Nauman, Imran and Asif. It was planned after they had a hard time looking for blood, and realized the significance, power and outreach of the social media.

Nauman, a computer science graduate said:

It all started back in 2015 when the father of a friend, who was abroad, needed blood for a surgery. I ran around, asked people, but finally the response I received was through my posts on Facebook. That’s when I realized we could utilize social networks because a message spreads rapidly. I took the idea to two friends and that’s how we got to developing and designing the app.

This App was launched in September 2016  but very less number of people know about it. The developers are struggling to get as many voluntary blood donors in the database as possible and simultaneously create awareness among people that such a platform exists.

Interested donors in any city across the country can get themselves registered with the app by filling in a short form, and after verification, they will be added to the database.

Requesting blood through this user-friendly app is very convenient: one just enters the blood group required, the number of bottles and when it is needed. A request is then sent through text message and app notification to the volunteers who match the criteria. Simultaneously, the requested information is uploaded in real time to the social networks connected with the app to amplify the message.

You can Download App from Play store or here.

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