Realopedia Rolls Out E-booking Platform For Developers

Realopedia Rolls Out E-booking Platform For Developers

A real estate e-market place established in Dubai has launched its pioneering online booking platform for developers. At the ongoing Cityscape Global conference and exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Realopedia Rolls Out E-booking Platform For Developers.

This move is another reflection of growing convergence and incorporation of property technology into the dynamic real estate market in Dubai.

Realopedia Rolls Out E-booking Platform For Developers

Realopedia presents developers with substantial business growth opportunities via the newly launched online booking platform. In addition to offering them solutions, to reach an extensive range of investors and customers.

As a part of the Realopedia e-marketplace, registered developers with in their set jurisdictions or areas can upload their inventory with an option to harness 3D and virtual reality technologies. To give their prospective investors and customers a life like experience.

CEO Realopedia, Laura Choueri Said : 

We excited to introduce this global platform to our developers as a new addition to our portfolio of technology focused services. The launch comes at an opportune time when property buyers are using next generation tools to access useful data.

More tech savvy investors are harnessing the full potential of contemporary and search for advanced tools and purchase property.

Realopedia introduce its “Make an Offer” scheme for real estate agents. Whose property is registered as per the regulations of Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai.

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