Raid on Illegal Gateway Exchange at Lahore

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) along with Federal Investigation agency (FIA) conducted a successful raid in Lahore and seized a functional illegal gateway exchange. According to details PTA and FIA teams, through combined efforts, carried out raid at House No. 2/34, Street No. 2 Ahata Malik Muhammad Din Faiz Bag, Lahore. During the raid, an operational illegal gateway exchange along with laptop, VSAT dish and approximately 2000 SIMs of all mobile operators were confiscated. One person was arrested on the spot and is in the custody of FIA for further investigation.

It may be added that PTA is observing the international traffic coming in to the country, round the clock. It is done to identify the illegal gateway exchanges and track the elements operating them. PTA Enforcement Division, with the support of Zonal Directorates, is vigilant and making elaborative efforts to curb the grey traffic in the country.

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