Quality of Fixed and Mobile Communication in Uzbekistan Discussed

State Committee of Communication, information and telecommunication technologies of Uzbekistan held a meeting to discuss quality of work of telecommunication operators and providers in the country in 2013.

The meeting considered quality of services of Uzbektelecom and other telecommunication operators, current state of communication lines and networks, elimination of shortages and work with appeals of the citizens and legal entities, repair of communication infrastructure.

At the meeting, it was underlined that it is necessary to carry out gradual work on organization of the use of telecommunication networks and ensure timely supply of materials and spare parts. It is also necessary to carry out repair works and modernization of networks, which would improve work and quality of services of the operators.

According to Uzbektelecom, it received 1,564 appeals on quality of communications services, of which 1,498 were complaints. About 478 or 30% of complaints were caused by communication enterprises.

State Inspection on supervision of communication, information and telecommunication technologies, about 65 complaints were on quality of communication services. About 22 of them were reasonable and others – no.

About 51% of complains were related to quality of services, 35% – size of payments and tariffs, 10% – internet services and 2 – number prefixes.

The operators received information on works directed at developing network, attracting investments, introducing and developing new services, work with complaints, and services quality. The achieved results were discussed and planned were corrected.

The committee said that the operator should focus on timely consideration, analyzes of complaints, etc. It was underlined that the operators should improve skills of their personnel.

The corresponding decisions and recommendations were adopted in the result of the meeting.

 Source: UzDaily

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