Qualcomm wins 40% share of China Mobile’s TD-LTE tender

China Mobile recently completed the first TD-LTE terminal tender, informed sources revealed that a total of nearly 10 chip suppliers to participate in the competition, but one of the high-pass accounted for 40% of the market share, even as China Mobile Enhanced TD-LTE terminal of confidence, also reminiscent of the 2G era Qualcomm dominate the CDMA chip era.

about ten chip makers Qualcomm an account for 40 percent share

“Who would have thought Qualcomm chip in the first bid of China Mobile TD-LTE terminal occupies such a large proportion of a company involved in the tender of China Mobile’s first TD-LTE terminal products terminal manufacturers who said so.

his business to participate in the the MIFI tender results found that 10 vendors MIFI terminal 6 Qualcomm chip. Two data card terminal, six successful manufacturers using Qualcomm chips, be regarded as small in the CPE terminal, but also use Qualcomm chips.

this is not the whole picture. Carefully calculated, then, the Chinese mobile tender, a total of 30 models of TD-LTE terminal bid, including 12 models using Qualcomm’s chips, Qualcomm’s market share up to 40%, across all of the TD-LTE terminal, for example, data cards have Both, MIFI 6, CPE 1 models, smart phones (1), (1) international roaming MIFI, use Qualcomm chips.

fact, many involved in the number of TD-LTE chip suppliers, there are nearly 10, but the bid is not high proportion, Sequace occupy 4 terminal chip, Huawei’s Hass for three TD-LTE terminal chip providers, the rest of TD-LTE terminal chip manufacturers and solution providers including ZTE Microelectronics, Leadcore, Spreadtrum, MTK, bright hearing, Altair, MARVELL each received one or two, but basically successful. In this case, the high-pass occupy absolute advantage of the chip suppliers in China Mobile’s first TD-LTE terminal tender is a foregone conclusion.

TD-LTE multi-band multi-mode technology is too complex

why so many of the TD-LTE terminal will select high-pass, may be related to the multi-band multi-mode technology.

, according to the China Mobile TD-LTE terminal tender, tender products were: data card, MIFI, CPE, international roaming MIFI, multi-mode dual standby single-card mobile phone, CSFB (cs fall back) mobile phone, a total of six products types.

final bid of 30 models of TD-LTE terminal 16 terminal manufacturers, nearly 10 chip chip manufacturers. Major end products: data card Huawei, Bell, Deming, Butterfield, Kai Chong, national, Hisense, a total of seven companies bid; the MIFI terminal Sunnada, UT, Bell, ZTE, Huawei, Datang Telecom Kai Chong, Datang Mobile, Butterfield, Yulong, a total of 10 companies won the bid; the CPE terminal in Kai Chong, Butterfield, Innofidei nationals, Bell (bright News), ZTE, Deming, a total of seven vendors bid. Multi-mode dual standby single card smartphone Samsung, Innofidei two vendors bid; the international roaming MIFI three vendors Huawei, ZTE, DAFU won the bid. CSFB (CS fall back) mobile phone products from Samsung, ZTE and Huawei sharing.

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