Qualcomm Uses 5G to Create a Greener Economy

Qualcomm Uses 5G to Create a Greener Economy

A leading wireless innovator and a key contributor to introduce 5G- Qualcomm has shared a report on the value of 5G for sustainability and economically driven environmentalism. The title of the report is  “Environmental sustainability and a greener economy: The transformative role of 5G,”

The report sheds a light on the technical advantages of relying more on 5G. It also highlights how 5G can actually benefit the environment. The report also includes many other important details including the need for government and industry leaders to join efforts so that sustainability technology is prioritized sooner and with more public awareness.

Qualcomm Uses 5G to Create a Greener Economy

According to the report, with the help of 5G’s wireless technology, companies can get creative with how they up their sustainability game. From monitoring water usage in real-time to researching smart transport technology, there are numerous key indicators for success.

The report further highlights that 5G is able to transform and positively impact industries worldwide by creating new products and processes that support environmental sustainability. The report also highlights how 5G enabled sustainability is an economic opportunity with major potential for increased revenues, profit margins and productivity.

Dr. Kirti Gupta, VP of Economic Strategy at Qualcomm said that, “I am an engineer by training, and I see the ability we have here at Qualcomm to bring to the table engineers and economists as quite unique. We wanted to identify specific algorithms and technologies that are directly designed to target sustainability through environmental optimizations. We want to find ways to reduce the amount of signal sent, reduce interference, optimize the transfer of different kinds of data so that we are doing more with less energy”

Cristiano Amon, president and chief executive officer of Qualcomm Incorporated stated that “Environmental sustainability is absolutely imperative and we are working actively with our partners across many industries to leverage 5G to reduce carbon footprints and conserve resources. Governments and industry can do much more to unleash the sustainability benefits of 5G by accelerating the deployment of 5G networks and use cases, investing in 5G technology and ensuring a robust global semiconductor ecosystem. As a 5G technology leader, Qualcomm aims to play an even larger role in the digital and green transformation of industries to provide 5G-enabled sustainability benefits to societies and economies around the world.”

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