Qualcomm, SenseTime to Collaborate to Drive on Device AI

Qualcomm, SenseTime to Collaborate to Drive on Device AI

A subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated and SenseTime announced plans to collaborate on artificial intelligence and machine learning for future mobile and IoT products. Qualcomm, SenseTime to Collaborate to Drive on Device AI.

According to the statement the collaboration will leverage SenseTime ML models and algorithms and Qualcomm Snapdragon premium high tier platforms, which offer advanced heterogeneous computing capabilities for client based AI.

Qualcomm, SenseTime to Collaborate to Drive on Device AI

Senior VP, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Keith Kressin Said :

Qualcomm has been conducting fundamental research in AI over a decade. Infact many device shipping today using our Snapdragon mobile platforms already utilize on device AI.

Now the Qualcomm technologies is focused on optimising the Snapdragon mobile platform to accelerate myriad AI use cases in the areas of computer vision and natural language processing for smartphones, IoT and automotive.

Co-Founder and CEO, SenseTime, Dr Li Xu Said :

To develop an AI ecosystem, this strategic collaboration will advance on device intelligence by leveraging our algorithm and Qualcomm technologies chipset. Together we’ll push the envelope and extend AI to places that are currently beyond reach.

Further that the SenseTime is a specialist in AI and its applications. However its strategic collaboration with the Qualcomm technologies is expected to improve speed and efficiency of combining algorithm and chipset.

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