Cristiano R. Amon

Qualcomm is Shaping the Future of Connectivity & Computing: Amon

Cristiano R. Amon- President and CEO of Qualcomm made several announcements at Qualcomm press conference which he also shared on his official Twitter account. In his tweets, he highlighted the major achievement of the company and announced how Qualcomm is shaping the future of connectivity, computing and more. According to Amon, Qualcomm’s one technology roadmap and ecosystem creating abilities are making an intelligently connected world possible. The company is doing this by being the tech partner of choice across industries. He also thanked the partners and Qualcomm team for making the event possible. 

During the conference, he announced that Qualcomm will be working with Mavenir and Rakuten Symphony to develop next-gen 5G DUs and RUs with massive MIMO for Open RAN 5G deployments which will enable the deployment of cloud-native, virtualized, and open 5G networks at scale. 

Qualcomm is Shaping the Future of Connectivity, Computing & More: Amon

Cristiano R. Amon also announced that “alongside our partner HPE , we’ve developed the first fully optimized virtual DU solution for next-gen 5G deployments, which enables up to 60 percent lower operator TCO — a true game changer for operators.”

He further said that the company has expanded the broad Collab with Microsoft in order to deliver an end-to-end chip to cloud solution for deployments of private 5G enterprise networks. Combining of Microsoft Azure and Qualcomm’s 5G RAN solution will help enterprises quickly scale 5G and edge computing ambitions.

In collaboration with Fujitsu Global through docomo’s 5G OREC initiative, the company has also developed next-gen 5G mmWave integrated DU and RU for Open RAN 5G deployments.




About Cristiano R. Amon:

Cristiano R. Amon joined Qualcomm in 1995 as an engineer. In his career journey with Qualcomm, he assumed management positions in various fields. In 2018, he took a charge of the semiconductor business of the company, followed by tasks in strategic planning and integration of acquired companies. In June 2021, he secured the top position as CEO of the entire company.

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