Qualcomm Insight Retail Training Program Rawalpindi

After conducting successful training sessions in Akhtar PlazaShahbaz Plaza and Singapore Plaza; Central Asian Cellular Forum (representing Qualcomm in Pakistan) and Phone World team conducted another productive training session in Imperial/Butt market, Rawalpindi.

Qualcomm-logo-1The purpose of these training programs is to improve and enhance the trading skills of retailers which enable them to get “Smart on Smartphones”. This training also shared insights on how to choose the right smartphone for the customer.


The training session was communicated well and continued in an engaging way, where retailers participated with great fire and zeal in the trainings. The certificates of the training will be awarded soon to the retailers.

The focus of this workshop was on those mobile business owners, who were interested in enhancing their knowledge about smartphones so that they could take their business to next level. Phone World Team provided important tips to the retailers and shared their experiences with them.

For more information about these training or any other training course or workshops, please contact:

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  • ammar@3gca.org
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