Qualcomm and Ericsson Test 300Mbps Downloads Over 4G Network

Ericsson and Qualcomm say that they have completed the world’s first inter-vendor interoperability testing of LTE Category 6, based on commercial LTE chipsets and infrastructure supporting carrier aggregation bands at Australia’s Telstra.

Final stages of testing were completed in collaboration with Telstra, whose LTE-A network is being readied for Category 6 commercial launch. LTE Category 6 offers much higher potential data speeds than Category 4, which peaks at 150Mbps.

Håkan Eriksson, CEO, Australia and New Zealand at Ericsson, says:

We are pleased to see 300Mbps achieved and we’re excited about the superior broadband experience this will enable. With the introduction of Category 6, adoption of LTE Advanced is expected to accelerate, with a key factor being the availability of commercial infrastructure and global chipsets for smartphones.”

The equipment used for the tests was based on ready-to-release versions of Ericsson’s L14A software release and Qualcomm’s 3G/LTE multimode modem, the Gobi 9×35 chipset.

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