Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs and his 80-foot Windows Phone

To celebrate today’s launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft created an 80-foot banner featuring the start screen of Jacobs’ own phone. It features Live Tiles for some of Jacobs’ favorite apps, including The New York Times, AccuWeather, and Amazon Kindle.

The massive banner is draped outside Qualcomm’s headquarters here in San Diego, CA. It shows off Windows Phone 8’s unique interface. The resizable Live Tiles are app shortcuts that populate with information in real time. Jacobs can glance at his home screen to see the latest weather, stock prices and more – and so can you.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the exclusive processor in all Windows Phone handsets. Every Windows Phone 7 handset on the market today uses the Snapdragon S1 and S2 processors. All of the new Windows Phone 8 handsets will use Qualcomm’s latest processor—the Snapdragon S4.

This one tiny chip contains the device’s CPU, graphics accelerator, audio capabilities, Wi-Fi, GPS, LTE modem, and much more. These technologies are designed to work faster and consume less power when combined on a single chip. That means Windows Phone has the ability to run apps quickly and run them all day long without having to recharge the battery.

Qualcomm is also collaborating with Microsoft on tablets. This month the software maker launched a new version of their operating system called Windows RT. It offers a similar experience to Windows Phone, but is designed for larger form factors. New Windows RT tablets from Samsung and Dell feature the Snapdragon S4 processor. Check out the links below for more information on these products.

Source: http://www.qualcomm.com/

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