PTCL Restored Internet Services in Pakistan

PTCL Restored Internet Services in Pakistan

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL), there was a fault in SMQ-4 submarine cable. The internet users in Pakistan were facing a speed issue due to this fault on Tuesday evening. But now the fault in SME-4 submarine has been rectified on Wednesday morning. PTCL Restored Internet Services in Pakistan

The last fault in marine cables occurred in July 2017. The fault actual place was found after more than a month but this time PTCL did a great job to solve the issue within no time as compared to the last time fault. Furthermore, according to the report, “submarine cable AAEI” was not down during this outage.

PTCL Restored Internet Services in Pakistan

According to a report, this developed fault was due to the super cyclone Kyarr and it became difficult to work in the sea under bad weather situation. This outage in global internet infrastructure has impacted broadband users including 3G/4G/LTE users and landline users.

Fariha Shah, PTCL spokesperson said in a statement that two cables were affected in this outage.

She said:

Our teams worked overnight to resolve the issue,

All the users were facing difficulty in accessing online content due to this outage. According to Fariha Shah, there were two faults in underwater cables. One was near Fujairah, UAE and the other was near the Pakistan sea-belt. PTCL worked with international consortiums to rectify the fault and determined the cause and exact location of the fault.

Pakistan is moving fast toward the technology era and its automation totally depends on the internet because of new digital services, Uber, Careem, Bykia, etc so all the systems extremely affected by this outage.

PIA officially tweeted.

The PTCL network is down due to damage to their underground cables causing outage of PIA [Pakistan International Airlines] check-in systems across the country.

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