PTCL Pledges to Drive Change through ICT Solutions

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has reaffirmed its commitment to improve the standard of living of people, increase the productivity of businesses and drive change through integration of Information and Communications Technology services.

In order to adjust with the ever changing environment, industries and businesses, we all need to work together, share ideas and develop strategies that shall lead to more efficient utilization of resources, improvement in the way businesses operate and reduce distances between different markets.

– Walid Irshaid, President & CEO PTCL

Commenting on the vision of the company to drive change, Walid Irshaid remarked that PTCL’s Information and Communications Technology solutions are geared towards enabling social, micro and macro-economic change and growth. The access to latest telecommunications solutions has helped increase the flow of market information, improve business productivity and create new opportunities for people, which have augmented the GDP growth of Pakistan.

Themed ‘Innovating for Future’, the conference brought together industry and political leaders and decision makers form a cross-section of industries and focused on the need for innovation for boasting trade and act as an incubation center for innovative ideas. Senior Executives, human resource experts, national political leaders and eminent leaders representing various fields shared their views, experiences and strategies on bringing transformation in the leadership culture of the country.

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