PTCL plans to bid for 3G license

From the time government has decided to move from 2G to 3G telecom technology 3G fever is all around the country. The purpose of recently approved 3G policy is to hold the license auction and raise Rs75 billion by February 2013 for budget financing.

The committee’s out-of-the-box solution will invite existing and new players to participate in the auction although new entrants will be barred to provide 3G services before March 2013.

The recent news on 3G in Pakistan is that Chief Executive Officer and President of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Walid Ishaid said that the company will bid for a 3G license. He further Said: “We don’t just have a business plan; rather we have a mandate to bring broadband to five million people of Pakistan – a mandate given to us by our shareholders, our Board of Governors and our valued customers.”

Developed countries adopted 3G technology years ago and now they have moved to 4G technology. PTCL is keenly looking for 3G auction expected in next few months. It was the last company to enter broadband market; it is the largest broadband provider in Pakistan.

Source: Phone World

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