PTCL Broadband FREE Upgrade 1Mbps to 2Mbps

PTCL broadband Pakistan Company announces free update your package from 1mbps to 2mpbs. This promotion is valid till 01-January-2013.
This promotion offers 2 Mbps broadband for the price of Rs. 1,250 per month. Customers can enjoy 2 Mbps speed at the price of 1 Mbps till 1st January 2013.

PTCL Broadband customers enjoy this beautiful offer and change your package as early as possible and enjoy this free promotion with previous charges. The charges of this package is 1250/- per month. Enjoy 2mpbs free unlimited downloading with unbeatable internet speed. Broadband also provides free WI FI Modem. If you wants to avail this promotion, than call on 1236 and enjoy upgrade speed of your Internet.

2Mbps Broadband Promotion:

A special 2 Mbps promotional package is being offered to customers with 1 Mbps equivalent Tariff (Rs. 1,250 per month)
Existing and new customers can opt into this package and enjoy 2 Mbps speed at the price of 1 Mbps
Any existing and new customer can opt into this special 2 Mbps promotional Package with effect from 1st Nov-2012
This promotional package will expire on 1st January 2013 and standard 2 Mbps Tariff (Rs. 1,499 per month) will apply after that.

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