PTA Withdraws its Earlier Directive Regarding SIM Sales, MNP Ban

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has finally issued the notification for withdrawal of its November 13th, 2012 directive, explaining new rules for sale of new SIMs and lifting ban on MNP.
from PTA side,Letter issued to all cellular companies of Pakistan (also produced below) said that new SIM sales is allowed through company owned service centers and franchises only.

but now sims telecom have to consider new rules and regulation by the PTA. said that all these sales must follow standard operating procedures defined by the authority.

ban on MNP was finally lifted after the detail meeting of Raja Parvaiz Ashrup Prime minister of Pakistan with telecom heads, they negotiated on few terms and condition to allow the selling of Sims,Letter said that ban on MNP is lifted, along with the requirement of second identification document for new sales is withdrawn. PTA said that requirement of delivery of SIMs to home addresses is withdrawn as well.

ans telecom have to answer PTA by telling all details of sold Sims by end of December.cellular mobile operators will be consulted to regularize the unverified SIMs in the market, and deadline for elimination of unverified SIMs is extended till February 28th, 2013.

in short it will help economy because telecom is return heavy revenue in GDP of Pakistan,This decision, if implemented, will change the whole dynamics of the cellular industry, the way it is supporting the national economy, investment, jobs, liaison, vendors, marketing, etc.

Regulator, in its letter, said that mobile operators should deploy systems at their service centers and franchises for recording thumb impressions of new subscribers by February 28th, 2013.

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