PTA Advertises A Request for Proposal for Consultants for Spectrum Auction

Soon after getting the policy directives from the Ministry of Information and Technology regarding Spectrum Auction for Third Generation Mobile Services in Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has taken its first step forward and has advertised a Request for Proposals (RFP) for consultants   of international repute to facilitate the auction process.

In the RFP PTA has outline the requirements and responsibilities of the consultants and has stated that the consultant shall assist the client in all necessary steps that are to be taken in order to complete the auction process successfully.

Complete Financial and Technical Proposals are to be submitted by the interested parties according to the parameters defined in the RFP before 12th November, 2013.

Appointment of new Chairman of PTA has brought good fortune for IT sector in Pakistan.  A lot of developments have taken place in last couple of days and the pace the whole process has taken, great things can be expected in the future.

Here is the full advertisement PTA has published in the local newspapers that is also available on PTA’s official website.


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