Polaris wireless location accuracy on 3G network

Polaris Wireless has announced the successful completion of field trials for wireless location accuracy on 3G networks to prove compliance with India’s Department Of Telecommunications (DoT) May 2011 mandate for location-based services, with a tier I Indian wireless operator.

The DoT mandate specifies accuracy levels of 30 to 95 percent within two years of adoption for a range of 50 to 300 meters in urban areas. Polaris Wireless achieved accuracy levels of 62 to 99 percent in the 3G field trials in Kolkata. Combined with its previous trial results, Polaris Wireless is the first location solutions provider to exceed the DoT mandate in all radio access technologies (2G/3G) across all environments, proving the attainability of the mandate benchmarks.

said Srinivas Varadarajan, Polaris Wireless Vice President of sales and business development, Asia said “We are very pleased with the performance of Polaris WLSTM in a 3G network environment.”

In April the company revealed that it had exceeded the DoT mandate in suburban and rural environments and remote areas in North-East region for a 2G network. Previous trials in Bangalore also exceeded the DoT requirements in urban and indoor environments, but this is the first such trial in a 3G network environment in India. Polaris WLSTM is based on the 3GPP standardized RF Pattern Matching (RFPM) approach.

Polaris Wireless went in to joint ventures with number of key players in the telecommunications eco-system in India. The company previously announced a partnership with CanvasM (a division of Tech Mahindra) and has recently expanded its India ‘Centre of Excellence’ development and operations organization, which was established in 2005 in India.



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