Philippines Networks Ordered to Lower SMS Interconnection Rates

The Philippines telecoms regulator has ordered the three mobile networks to comply with its previous order lowering the SMS interconnection rates from P0.35 to P0.15 per message.

The three networks, Globe, Digital and Smart were all issued with formal notices of non-compliance over the changes, which were supposed to have come into effect last December.

In addition, the three networks were ordered to reduce the cost of off-net text messages, and issue refunds to customers who had been charged at the higher rate since 1st December 2011.

The networks had lowered the prices, but as part of time-limited promotions, which the regulator, the NTC said was not fully complying with its orders.

Globe has already said it will oppose the changes as it claims SMS rates are not subject to regulatory mandate. The other two networks are considering their options.

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