Mobiles Negatively effect our Personnel Relationship

Mobile phones are mainly used for the purpose of communication anywhere.part of society in Pakistan everyone is using mobile phone teenagers even children are also using mobile may be for the sake of entertainment some how for the communication purpose.

Mobiles are option to fulfill need of interaction,somehow no more it is considered as need in society due to its easy access.people can easily purchase mobile phones and teenagers are using these mobiles with knowing what is good and bad.

youth of any country is the biggest asset for the country,future is dependent on the youth of the country.but due to access use and communication of youth with mobile it will increase the level of dependency according to the research people are so much dependent on mobile phones and relationships,friends that they even can not imagine their life without cell phone.

In Britain there are more mobile phones in use than there are people (Sheffield and Bolton, 2006).

According to the research done in 2005 they concluded that Mobile phones affect human identity and social interaction, and play a part in areas such as propositions, courtship and ending relationships (Srivastava, 2005).

Mobile is one important factor to enhance love and personnel relationship in the society.teenagers are having more time and energy than a corporate person due to mobile phone access and cheap packages offered by the telecom industry they simply direct their self in engaging themselves with their phone by making new friends ,their dependency is very high.

Mobile isolate us from our surrounding

as a result they start isolating from their surrounding without know what is happening around .in short they are not utilizing their time and energy for positive or good reason.Studies show that teenagers are lacking in social and personal skills because they spend their time texting and speaking on their telephones rather than interacting face to face. They are living their lives one step removed from life rather than being part of it and are not learning the skills that they will need in adult life.
youngsters’ mobile telephones were taken away for a week to see how they fared without them. One young man said that he woke in the night several times during the study, thinking that his mobile telephone was ringing and reached out to the bedside table to answer it. He also spoke about the novelty of actually walking round to see a friend, rather than texting him on his telephone.

According to the research done by the Else and Turkle (2006) :
[succsess_box] They believe that as technology has gotten to the point where thoughts and feelings are shared instantaneously through phones and other technology sources mean a person is never truly alone, leading to dependency on other people[/succsess_box]

Dependency on mobile phone for relation ship is increasing day by day,according to the survey done on many restaurants that customers/couples at restaurant tables and found many occasions where one partner was taking a call while the other was texting or looking away. This perhaps shows that relationships on phones are prioritized at the expense of relationships with people in the surrounding area.

Wei and Lo (2006) showing the superficial nature of lonely and shy people’s call habits where they spend a lot of time on the phone but not because of affection, whereas people who have less contacts may be getting better support from those people.
According to the researchers,psychologists who conducted the experiments at Essex University, mobile phones automatically trigger thoughts about wider social networks, reducing the level of empathy and understanding in face-to-face conversations, Daily Mail reported.

Cell phones are integral part of our life,but this technology is undermine our relationship indirectly.women generally
are more attuned to relationships, so they might have been more sensitive to someone pulling away from them. But women have become as much a victim of the cell phone rudeness and isolation as a days we see many cases where Maybe cellphones bring people together since she then borrowed one from a stranger at the airport who ended up as her husband.

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