MoITT Pakistan Shows Seriousness to Remove Telecom Industry Problems

Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom Anusha Rehman seems genuinely interested in solving the current problems of telecom industry.

She recently called a meeting of Chief Executive Officers of the mobile companies in Islamabad in which she discussed the challenges faced by the industry at great length. She reassured the members of the meeting that the government is willing to take all the necessary actions to solve the problems faced by the industry and will provide maximum support for its growth.


Special time and intention was given to the issues like, upcoming 3G spectrum auction, forced cellular shut downs, issuance of new SIMs, night Packages, energy Crisis, high tax rate on telecom sector and tax Dispute over interconnection charges.

After a comprehensive discussion on the issues it was decided to constitute two committees to solve the challenges faced by the IT sector and also monitor the spectrum auction for next generation of technology. 

The CEOs of the mobile companies appreciated the Minister’s enthusiasm and interest in the matter and showed their confidence in present government.

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