Pakistan to Auction 3G/4G licenses in March 2014

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) is planning to launch the sale of the nation’s first 3G and 4G licenses in March 2014. The PTA signed up Value Partners Management Consulting (VPMC) to advise on the auction, with the government expecting to make between USD1.2 billion and USD2 billion from the sale. According to PTA chairman Syed Ismail Shah, the concessions will be technology neutral and available to new and existing operators. 30MHz of spectrum will be put up for sale, although the PTA has not yet determined how it will split up the spectrum. Similarly, the watchdog has not decided to what extent it will regulate the prices of the authorizations, with the chairman noting:

We don’t want a price war because it compromises quality of services as well as profitability of companies.’

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