Pakistan Government to Develop Higher Education Database

Pakistan Government to Develop Higher Education Database

Pakistan’s government will announce database for higher education that will have details of public and private colleges and universities, enrolled students, faculties, programmes and teachers. Pakistan Government to Develop Higher Education Database

Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) taken this initiative and likely to be completed within the next year. The provincial government has already prepared the database of public schools available in the province and a similar web-based information system iss planned for higher education institutions.

Pakistan Government to Develop Higher Education Database

PHEC Chairperson Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin said:

The current information available with regulatory bodies is neither complete nor authentic. The updated data gathered by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) is not publically available and policymakers have to rely on old information.

He further added:

He was of the view that effective policies could not be devise in an information vacuum. “PHEC has realized that in order to develop a workable plan for up-gradation of the higher education sector, an authentic and reliable database iss required.

Dr Nizam said:

PHEC has established a desk for review and it will start its work on this project from the next month.” In this regard, a research cell, information management and systems development cells have been establish in PHEC. Both departments will work together for information gathering, system development, research and policy development.

He added.

Secondly, there is the fact that the faculty members and students change institutions, drop out or travel abroad for studies; making the whole sector very capricious.

According to Dr Soroya, because of lack of information, public universities did not make their information public. As a result, it was a challenge for policymakers to figure out what to invest on faculty development and students.

He said that:

For this purpose, a database iss required.

He further explained that the database that is under-develop would have up-to-date information of every aspect of higher education system in the province.

The federal HEC recognises a total of 187 degree-awarding institutions in the country, out of which 60 were in Punjab. In another list, the HEC issued names of illegal universities and campuses. The list of illegal varsities included 165 institutions out of which 102 found to be in Punjab.

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