Orange Romania expanded 43.2 Mbps mobile internet to 500 localities

Telecom operator Orange Romania announced it expanded the coverage of mobile internet speeds of 43.2 Mbps to 500 localities.

Additionally, the company upgraded mobile internet speeds available nationally from 14.4 Mbps to 21.6 Mbps, including in rural areas, announced Madalina Suceveanu, chief technical officer of Orange Romania.

“We have developed 4G services where it was possible. At the moment, 4G services use the existing spectrum, not the resources we have purchased for this purpose. 4G services will come to full maturity from the point of view of full coverage and full speed starting with April 2014,” said Suceveanu.

The company representative also added Orange is already working on development plans for the 4G network but that it will carry on with investments in the quality of 3G services as well.

“In Romania, we have one of the best networks in Europe in terms of speed,” according to Julien Ducarroz, chief commercial officer business to consumer.

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