Orange Offers Unlimited Option

Orange Armenia has started its Orange Unlimited offer which is applicable for prepaid tariff plans’ subscribers. Simple and Super Simple tariff plan subscribers can’t activate Unlimited on-net calls to Orange subscribers and Unlimited 3-in 1 options.

Only one Unlimited option may be active at the same time. If you wish to switch from an active option to another one, simply dial  129  and select your new option.

In case of tariff plan change the activated Unlimited option and the automatic reactivation of this option will remain, if the option is applicable for the chosen tariff plan. Otherwise the option will be deactivated and you will continue using Orange services according to you tariff plan.

The offer will not be valid in case you change your subscription type (migration from Prepaid to Monthly, Postpaid or Orange Business). If you migrate back to Prepaid tariff plan that supports your unlimited option before the expiry date of the option, you will continue using it. In that case the automatic reactivation will be still available and the option will be reactivated for you if there is enough balance.

You will not benefit from your unlimited option when you are in roaming, or if your number falls into passive period.

The unlimited minutes cannot be used to make a video and off net calls.

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