Orange Offers to Talk for Free During the Year 2014

All customers who will join Orange Let’s Talk prepaid service between December 10, 2013 and January 15, 2014, will be able to activate Orange “With Each Other” pack with friends or family members (2 to 4 persons) and will talk to each other for free as much as they wish during a whole year. 

Moreover, they will get as well the possibility to travel to Paris with all their close ones included in the pack (air ticket and hotel accommodation). The trip will be organized for all the members of the 1 000th and 10 000th activated packs. 

The offer to talk to each other for free will be available to all Let’s Talk prepaid customers, who can also include in their pack customers of Dolphin, Butterfly or Panther monthly subscriptions. In case of joining Orange before January 15, customers will talk for free to all members of their pack during all 2014 year, even if they create a new pack or join another pack.

In order to create a new “With Each Other” pack or to simply invite another customer into the pack, customers should simply dial *140#. 

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