Orange Launches Own OTT App for Apple IPhones

Orange has launched an iPhone app — called Libon — which will offer free calls between users of the same app on the Orange network. An Android version will be launched early next year.

Libon is a new VoIP client with surprising roots — it was developed by the R&D arm of one of Europe’s largest mobile networks, Orange. Of course, you could argue that such apps are bad for carriers, because it encourages people to gobble up pricey data capacity — so why build one? We spoke to Valeé chief Giles Corbett and spent a few days testing it out ahead of its launch to find out more.

Calls and texts between users are free, but you can contact outsiders with Libon Minutes or with your cellular plan all from the same interface.The app itself is free, but you can spend $2.99 (£1.99, €2.69) to get additional features like an hour of international calling features every month while the company charges for some premium features like transcripts of voicemail or email copies of voicemails.

Libon will be available for smartphones using Google’s Android software in the first quarter of 2013.

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