ORANGE Foundation granted scholarships to 32 students of different universities

Partnership with the regional universities of Armenia, the Orange Foundation granted scholarships to 32 students of the Goris branch of the State University, Kapan branch of the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) and Yeghegnadzor branch of the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE).

“Today we are happy to mark that our partnership with the regional universities is underway, and the assistance to students is one of the components of this partnership – students who have difficulties in paying their tuition fees. We believe that Armenia is not only limited to Yerevan. Armenia is also all its regions with their big and small settlements, and the students of the regions should avail themselves of the same opportunities as those living in Yerevan,” said Francis Gelibter, Chairman of the Board of the Orange Foundation.

The Orange Foundation transferred 1 million AMD to each of the mentioned universities to be used to pay tuition fees of the students. Students have been selected on the proposal of the universities, based on 2 criteria – student’s GPA and his/her family’s financial standing. It is planned to grant scholarships to 6 more universities this year based on the same criteria.

Besides granting scholarships, Orange had another mission to accomplish in Goris. Free Orange WiFi internet corner was established in the most crowded part of the university for the students and lecturers. Currently such corners exist in 5 other universities of Armenia.

The partnership with these 3 universities is not limited to granting of scholarships only. In the scope of partnership with the universities the students can have their professional internship at Orange, and Orange employees conduct professional and training courses for the students.

Partnership of Orange with the universities of Armenia has launched since last year. In 2011, the Orange Foundation has granted scholarships to 67 students of 6 universities.

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