Orange Armenia launches 3G+ in Etchmiadzin

Mobile operator Orange Armenia has upgraded its mobile network to 3G+ in Etchmiadzin, offering speeds of up to 42 Mbps. The HSPA technology was earlier launched in Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor.

Orange announced today the upgrade of its 3G+ network up to 42Mbps download speed in Etchmiadzin – the fourth largest city of Armenia. In this way, Echmiadzin joins Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor where Orange network supports up to 42Mbps speed since last year.

In all other towns and villages, Orange offers as well state of the art network capabilities with up to 21Mbps speed.
“The upgrade of our Network in Etchmiadzin comes at a moment, when according to field tests conducted by P3, an independent international firm, Orange has become a leading operator in 3G data network speed and quality in Armenia. Armenia is one of the few countries of Orange footprint to implement the 3G+ 42Mb/s technology. This is a quality criterion in Armenia and it embodies our ambition to always offer the latest and most reliable technologies to larger groups of our customers. Our ambition is not being engaged in self-promotion, but to really change for the better and to enrich our customers’ experience and everyday life”, said Francis Gelibter, CEO of Orange Armenia.

The network supporting up to 42 Mbps download speed combined with Internet Now 4 modem allows instant downloading of emails, music, films, apps, playing online games, as well as video streaming without interruptions and even with HD quality.
Internet Now 4 modem can be acquired for 59 000 AMD, without 12-month commitment or at a lower price with commitment.

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