Orange and China Mobile to Collaborate on NFC Services

China Mobile and Orange have collaborate in order to promote the adoption of interoperable, SIM-based NFC standards.

The two companies signed a contract of understanding (MoU) Monday that aims to accelerate the commercialization of mobile contactless services by integrating standardized technical protocols based on the SIM card into their respective

Orange’s vice president of mobile payment and con tactless solutions.

[quote]In order to encourage the wide-spread take-up of NFC services, the industry as a whole needs to find ways to offer NFC services that are simple, transparent and secure[/quote]

from Orange perspective working with China mobile shows development of SIM-card based approach by using new and recognized standards will help to satisfy customers at there best.

The companies’ partnership will contribute to the industry-wide effort coordinated by GSMA and help facilitate the development of an open SIM-based NFC market over the coming years, Millet added.

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