Orange Kenya unveils 3G handsets promotion

Orange Kenya launched a campaign named Chagua Original through which subscribers will be able to purchase 3G devices at discounted prices of up to 60 percent.

All Orange shops offer one month free internet access as well as free access to Wikipedia and Facebook to the subscribers.

The devices in the Chagua Original promotion range in price from KES 599 (down from the earlier KES 999) for the ZTE S309 handset to the ZTE San Francisco retailing at KES 7,999 (down from KES 9,999).

Recently launched Huawei Gaga is also available on special offer which goes for KES 5,999 instead of KES 8,799.

The local government announced to switch-off all counterfeit devices on all of the country’s four mobile networks by 30 September. The Chagua Original promotion came just a month ahead of this announcement and is expected to increase the sales of Orange device.

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