Optus to Inaugurate TD-LTE Network in Four Cities

Australian cellco Optus is reportedly set to launch commercial services over a Time Division Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) network. It is understood that around 22 TD-LTE-enabled sites will be switched on today in Melbourne, along with 33 sites across Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. While Optus has not detailed its rollout plans for the new infrastructure specifically, it did note that between its TD-LTE and FD-LTE rollouts it aims to cover 70% of the metropolitan population by mid-2014.

Commenting on the reasoning behind deploying the technology, David Epstein, Optus’ vice-president of regulatory and corporate affairs, was cited as saying: ‘For data in particular, when you are in peak areas at peak usage times [having two networks] ensures your data speeds and connections are more consistent … this is really about focusing our network on where the growth is, and that [growth] is in data.’



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