Operators to Submit Bids for 3G/4G Auction Today

The mobile operators are going to submit their sealed bids on Monday (today) for the next generation spectrum auction that offers 3G and 4G licenses simultaneously.

There is 30 MHz available in 2100 MHz band for 3G, 20 MHz available in 1800 band for 4G services and 7.38 MHz available in 850 MHz band for 2G service and the last one is reserved for new entrant. All the players are bound to bid for the first mentioned 2100 MHz band to qualify for the bid of 1800 MHz band that offers 4G services. 10Mhz block of 3G spectrum (2100Mhz) is base priced at US295 million while a block of 10Mhz block from 4G spectrum (1800Mhz) is base priced at US210 million.

Presently there are 5 companies operating in the market and among them Warid Telecom seems not interested in bidding for the next generation spectrum auction. Most probably the remaining 4 will take part in the auction and all of them might be successful in obtaining license for the next generation mobile services but only two will be able to get 4th generation license.
The bids submitted today will decide, whether the next stage of auction will be held or the licenses will be allotted to the bidders. The sources said that if the number of applicants exceed the number of licenses available that technically are 4 then the next round of auction will start on April 23 and the bidders will have to compete to obtain a license.

But the sources said that apparently there is no hope that the number of applicants will exceed so today might be considered the last day of auction and Pakistan Telecom Authority will decide, who to allot a license for what.

Source: The Nation

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