Odnoklassniki.Ru Presents Awards To Beeline Uzbekistan

Beeline (Unitel LLC and JV Buzton) won the special prize Odnoklassniki.ru social network in the nomination “The most popular mobile operator in 2013.” The company has received this high award on the basis of the recently published ranking, in which the group Beeline Uzbekistan in the “Classmates” took the top spot with more than 500,000 subscribers.

Odnoklassniki.ru social network representatives presented awards to the stars of the national stage. Figurines OK got Davron Gaipov Mansour Toshmatov group Sahro and lead singer of Sado Akbar. The culmination of the ceremony was the awarding CEO Andrew Safronyuk of Unitel a special prize “Class!” for the leadership of the telecom operators.

“Recently in Moscow, we were handed their statuettes rapper Snoop Dog, Timothy and Fyodor Bondarchuk, as well as other stars, so that the Uzbek artists were among the first owners of the” Oscar “of” Classmates “– said marketing specialist Odnoklassniki.ru Olga Rogov . –

And we are especially pleased that Beeline Uzbekistan, became the number one mobile operator – it’s not just our partners and good friends. Half a million users of the page – this testimony popularity not only Beeline, but “Schoolmates” in Uzbekistan. “

Recall that according to the social network, Beeline Uzbekistan confidently leads the list of the most popular pages of mobile operators across the network Odnoklassniki.ru, 2 times ahead of the nearest competitor.

Commenting on the event, Head of Public Relations Unitel Oraz Abdurazakov said:

In the new 2014, we plan to expand cooperation with the most popular social network in Uzbekistan. Odnoklassniki.ru users are millions of people in our country, and very soon we will please their unique joint proposal. Thanks “Classmates” for your attention to our market and appreciation of Beeline.”


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