NTA approves 15 mobile models

NTA, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority has accepted fifteen mobile phone models so far, with companies applying for approval for almost 250 models. The regulator is in the process of approving other models.

In May, the regulator banned imports of mobile phones which are not registered by the authority. The NTA has also started banning mobile sets by checking IMEI numbers.

“Customs offices have started banning imports of unregistered mobile brands after Nepal Telecommunications Authority decided to control unregistered brands and models keeping the quality of mobile sets in mind,” said Shrestha, assistant director of Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA).

According to Shrestha, the government can seize mobile phone sets if traders import them without approval from the regulator.

He further said “The regulator had been failing to track the number of mobile brands, companies and sets due to the lack of a proper data system earlier. NTA had asked the Department of Customs to control the import of unregistered mobile sets in 2008 but it did not implement the request effectively.”

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