Now Payments for Fixed Internet from Beeline Can Be Made Via Mobile App

Beeline (Unitel LLC and Buzton JV) has provides an opportunity to pay for its services with help of mobile app Mbank. With the help of the app, the subscribers can easily manage their account and pay for services via UZCARD online banking card without commission and leaving home.

Such innovative services as mobile banks have become extremely popular in the age of mobile technology. They allow customers safely and independently make their payments at any time, absolving customers from visiting the bank or sales and service offices. We are delighted to launch this successful project, which will make many people’s lives easier and more mobile. Even nicer that for the first time ever the remote payment services with the payment card became available for Buzton customers”.

-Maxim Efremov, Director of Sales

Using the mobile banking Mbank in the online mode, it is possible to pay not only for cellular services, but also for wired Internet Beeline. To use the service UZCARD online customers need to connect SMS-notification from card in any nearest ATM or self-service terminal. Then download the application Mbank from Play Market or App Store, or visit from the mobile phone. Then undergo the necessary registration and login to mobile banking app.

Source: UzDaily


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