Nokia's Authored the ‘Working Group on Digitalisation Scorecard’

Nokia’s Authored the ‘Working Group on Digitalisation Scorecard’

Nokia’s Authored the ‘Working Group on Digitalisation Scorecard’. Finnish communications and information technology giant Nokia, has published the’ Digitalisation Scorecard’ report. It authored under the patronage of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development. This is trying to help countries to adopt pro-digitalising policies into their framwork.

Nokia’s President and CEO Rajeev Suri commented on the purpose of the report:

It is an effort focus on helping governments assess their policy framework across multiple priority sectors. Such as e-learning or the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) for health care.

Nokia’s Authored the ‘Working Group on Digitalisation Scorecard’

The report policies and regulations aims to extent policy implementations in six countries. Additionally, These are signified by high, middle and low-income nations. Finland and Singapore are in the high-income list. Colombia and Indonesia listed under middle-income while Kenya and Pakistan are occupied in the low-income segment.

It mentioned in the report that,

Every country covered in the scorecard shows a strong ambition in digitalization, a desire to succeed, and specific policy and regulatory initiatives,

Additionally, report reviews five sectors, namely agriculture, education, healthcare, government and transportation.

Furthermore, It mentioned in the report that,

The purpose of this study is to encourage a critical revision of policy and regulatory frameworks, to map where regulations may create obstacles to the digitalization of a country’s priority sectors – or where necessary policies and regulations are missing. The report aims to present concrete examples of policy actions taken by some countries that have succeeded in digitalization so that those can be replicated by other countries where appropriate.

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