Nokia Siemens launches LTE network for US Cellular

This rollout represents a new mobile broadband and services deployment contract with U.S. Cellular and is a continuation of Nokia Siemens Networks’ excellent relationship with the operator. Previously, Nokia Siemens Networks deployed Evolved Packet Core (EPC)** and Home Subscriber Services (HSS) in the first wave of the 4G LTE rollout. The installation of the 4G LTE core was included in nine separate markets.

“U.S. Cellular is focused on providing the world’s best customer experience and delivering industry-leading innovations. We are building on this commitment by rapidly expanding the 4G LTE network, which currently covers 58 percent of our customers and will reach 87 percent of our customers by the end of this year,” said Michael Irizarry, executive vice president and chief technology officer for U.S. Cellular. “Nokia Siemens Networks launched 11 of our markets to help us meet this aggressive timeline and completed the deployment of the core network elements ahead of schedule.”

Under the contract, Nokia Siemens Networks is providing the 4G LTE access network and expanding the EPC capacity to support U.S. Cellular’s new markets. This includes 4G LTE base stations (eNode Bs), using Nokia Siemens Networks’ award-winning Flexi Multiradio Base Station, and Mobile Management Entity (MME). The agreement also covers network implementation services as well as hardware and software services.

“Our competency in LTE, flawless execution of the LTE core network elements, and willingness to go above and beyond expectations is why U.S. Cellular entrusted us with the next wave of their LTE network,” said Rick Corker, head of North America at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our continued strong performance with this strategic customer underscores Nokia Siemens Networks’ commitment to being the mobile broadband specialist – not only in North America but around the world.”

With 77 commercial references in place for the delivery of LTE and 206 WCDMA radio customers, Nokia Siemens Networks is the world’s leading specialist in mobile broadband with more 3G and LTE contracts than any other vendor.**

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