Nokia Launches intent-based Platform for Fixed Operators to Deliver Ultra-broadband Services

Nokia unveiled the industry’s first fully-integrated intent-based platform that completely changes how operators build fixed access networks to deliver ultra-broadband services. With Nokia’s new intent-based Altiplano Access Controller operators will be able to flexibly move toward software-defined access and gain more intuitive and automated control to deliver a gigabit experience to users everywhere.

Nokia Launches intent-based Platform for Fixed Operators to Deliver Ultra-broadband Services

In the race to deliver a better broadband experience, operators are upgrading their access networks and introducing new technologies like 5G Fixed Wireless Access. However, with each upgrade come additional service management and operational complexity, which limit an operator’s ability to quickly introduce new services. Software-defined access networks (SDAN) can help by creating an open programmable network that is easier to adapt, automate and expand.

Intent-based networking (IBN) further enhances the benefits of SDAN and serves as the next evolutionary step toward a fully autonomous network. Supporting both traditional and SDAN nodes, it allows operators to manage service availability from a business perspective instead of at the technology level. With Nokia’s intent-based Altiplano Access Controller, operators can simply define the outcome they want to achieve in terms of a service definition or SLA, and the network will automatically configure to support it across any technology environment. It also makes it easier to configure and provision networks with self-adjusting capabilities that continuously monitor the state of the network against intents and execute changes as necessary across the network.

While the benefits of SDAN and intent-based networking are significant, operators typically have extensive network investments that simply can’t be replaced or upgraded at once. To avoid stranding existing systems and disrupting business, operators need the flexibility to add SDAN in incremental steps. Nokia supports this stepped approach with a toolkit of services and solutions that help operators build, integrate and operate software-defined access at their own pace.

This includes Cloud design and OpEx modelling with Nokia’s unique end-to-end expertise to ensure the highest gains in performance, scalability and agility. Operators can analyze the impact on operations and save 25-40% in management tasks.

Quick-start solutions that help operators bring SDAN into the lab, conduct trials or start a deployment with minimal OSS impact and faster time-to-service.

Support for legacy with SDAN integrating easily into existing IT systems via a rich choice of protocols. Combined with a unique service to seamlessly migrate Nokia ISAM nodes to Lightspan, operators get a safe and efficient evolution path.

OSS and system integration services that help reduce the risk, cost and time it takes to build, integrate and operate software-defined access.

Enabling operators to incrementally move toward a more intelligent and automated network, the toolkit builds on Nokia’s extensive network migration experience that includes more than 65 ultra-broadband transformation customers with 99% first-time-right success.

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