Nokia Delivers Indoor Location Content to Qualcomm

Nokia‘s digital mapping subsidiary, “Here” is making its indoor Venue Maps for use by Qualcomm Atheros.

Leveraging indoor map data from Here that is coupled to the core indoor positioning engine will help Qualcomm IZat location technologies deliver more precise positioning (within 3-5 meters) to mobile devices inside buildings.

To map buildings, Here mapmakers visit venues from airports to zoos to sports complexes, museums and other facilities around the world. They collect building floor plans and then validate against the real world which includes double-checking the names of points of interest and ensuring that rich features such as ATM machines, restrooms and escalators are included.

“Indoor spaces are among the new frontiers in mapping and Here is uniquely positioned to bring its global leadership in outdoor mapping to inside venues,” said Cliff Fox, senior vice president of Location Content at Here. “Not only have we been the first to map some of the most recognized buildings in the world, but we also offer the world’s broadest coverage of indoor spaces with currently more than 9,000 venues consisting of 50,000 unique buildings mapped in 69 countries.”


Venue Maps complement Qualcomm Atheros’ end-to-end IZat indoor positioning capabilities to deliver always-on location awareness to mobile devices in more places. IZat is comprised of Qualcomm Atheros’ broad technology portfolio, including cellular, global navigation satellite system (GNSS), Wi-Fi, sensor and cloud-based assistance solutions, as well as its widely deployed location core, already found in more than one billion devices on mobile networks worldwide.

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