Nextel Chile gets PTT over 3G

Nextel Chile, a US based operator  has launched push-to-talk (PTT) services over its 3G network, having previously offered the service over its iDEN-800 network in Chile and trialing 3G PTT in Peru.

Commenting on the launch, NII’s COO and CFO Gokul Hemmady said: “The push-to-talk offering in 3G is extremely important. It is our value proposition. We believe that we’re getting the traction we’ve gotten in Peru in the first two months.”

NII plans to roll out PTT in Mexico next month and in Brazil by the end of the year.

NII has traditionally offered PTT services over Motorola’s (NYSE: MMI) iDEN technology is gradually migrating its services to 3G and Qualcomm’s (Nasdaq: QCOM) QChat platform. It started with Peru in 2009 and Chile in May this year.

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