Next plus launches mobile TV app

B Mobile TV application with best of the channels & Video on demand content.NEXT plus launch mobile tv,can be downloaded from google play as well as on apple app store.

Mobile TV application with best of the Indian channels, Replay TV & Video on demand content.

it is best application to access many channels with quality,nexGTv Mobile TV is one of the best application which offers a compelling end-user experience to view Live TV on mobile devices.

most easiest nad quick service to watch more than hundred channels. Replay and On-Demand content. That’s not all, now you don’t have to depend on 3G network to view video content. Our unique and innovative feature of Adaptive-bit-rate streaming enables you to enjoy Live TV even on a 2G network.


[list style=”unordered” type=”type3″] Fast channel launch and switching
Integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) of one week for all channels
Channel reordering and deletion
Interactive on-screen controls: This enables you to scroll through channels or adjust setting even while watching your show.
Picture in picture mode
Brightness & Volume control
Adaptive bit rate streaming
Full Screen viewing


How To Download:

[succsess_box]Download is completely free to view more than 100 channels,video on demand is also very free even no subscription charges.You only pay a nominal amount in order to view our bouquet of premium Channels.[/succsess_box]
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